Ava was dubbed a "drama queen" at age three, a title she whole-heartedly embraced as she continued to grow. She began her training at Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd.'s summer camps, where she discovered improvisation and music theatre. Her first major role was Pippi Longstickings in the children's play Pippi Goes to School. However, it is when Ava performed "Over the Rainbow" as Dorothy Gale in the Wizard of Oz Jr. that she realized a career in acting may just be something she'd seriously want to pursue.

Following the success of her high school's original play The Art of Hope, in which she starred as Hope Anderson, a Syrian refugee with PTSD, Ava auditioned for the University of British Columbia's prestigious B.F.A. in Acting program. She is currently entering her second year in the program and training under Professors Cathy Burnett, Stephen Heatley, Stephen Malloy and Gayle Murphy. When Ava is not training at UBC, she attends the First Step Actors Workshop in North Vancouver and studies with Mr. Russell Porter and Ms. Juliana Wimbles. During her senior year of high school, Ava was taught by Dr. David Beare, the head of Handsworth Secondary's highly respected drama program and the instructor who Ava believes inspired her to take her abilities to the next level.

Ava is extremely fond of workshopping and starring in new, original plays. Some of her past roles have included Narrator E in Fallacy of the Fist (UBC), Alice and François in Marcel (Smith Foundation for the Arts), a viola player in The Troop (Nickelodeon), and the Universe in Amy's Universe (Handsworth Secondary School).

​Ava's dream role is Anya in the new production of Anastasia on Broadway. She looks forward to working hard and paving her way to success until she gets there!
Lyric Mezzo-Soprano Vocalist
At only eighteen years old, Ava is already an immensely accomplished singer. Her beautiful, mezzo-soprano tone has been hailed for its control, richness and musicality. Indeed, this is to be expected of a singer who began performing at such as young age.

Ava's first major voice performance was at her music studio's Hallowe'en concert. There, she performed a medley of Christine Daae solos from The Phantom of the Opera at only six years old. Following that event, Ava dedicated herself to her voice studies, training in not only music theatre, but also in opera, pop, jazz and other genres.

At the age of twelve, Ava became increasingly interested in song-writing. She has released three singles to date (Finding Hope, Skin & Bones and Civil War) and in February of 2017, she was fortunate enough to hear one of these works (Finding Hope) featured on Lifetime's Dance Moms. You can purchase or stream her music on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, iHeartRadio and more.

In April 2017, Ava competed at the Vancouver Kiwanis Festival. There, she placed first in her age division for the Music Theatre - Ballad Division and second in her age division for the Music Theatre - Comedy Division. Her performance earned her the Katie Drysdale Music Theatre Scholarship and an invite to perform in Kamloops for the Performing Arts BC provincial festival.

Ava has been fortunate enough to learn from a variety of seasoned instructors and vocalists, including Ms. Libby Donald, Ms. Christina Kent and most recently, Ms. Marisa Gaetanne. She will be pursuing her Grade 10 RCM certificate in voice this year.
Ava is not only a talented actress and vocalist, but she is also a phenomenal musician. She has been playing the piano since the age of one and the violin since the age of three. She is currently pursuing her Grade 10 RCM certificate in Piano and her Grade 8 RCM certificate in Violin, all while instructing her loyal roster of music students at Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. She also has recording experience with both of these instruments.

Ava also enjoys playing the guitar, the drums, the bass, and the recorder. In her spare time, she brushes up her knowledge on other instruments she is familiar with, such as the cello, the clarinet and the santour (dulcimer).
Ava believes that writing is a crucial part of the entertainment industry. In fact, it is her interest in the combination of acting, music and story-telling which makes her such a powerful performer. This is why Ava is currently pursuing her B.A. in English Literature in addition to her B.F.A in Acting degree at the University of British Columbia. 

Ava has gained experience writing for plays (The Art of Hope), music videos (Seven Devils) and most recently, books. However, she is best-known for her talent as a song-writer. Her three original singles have acculumated immense success, particularly Finding Hope, which currently boasts over 100,000+ views on YouTube. She is currently co-creating two television scripts, and working as an editor at Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd.
Other Interests
When Ava is not acting, singing, playing instruments or writing, she works on developing some of her other abilities.

One of her favourite hobbies is dance. Prior to taking lyrical and hip-hop lessons at her university, Ava gained eight years of experience in dance from her years studying with So You Think You Can Dance: Canada season two winner Tara-Jean Popowich, as well at The North Shore Academy of Dance and at Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd.. Ava also has experience choreographing hip-hop routines for young dance students.

Ava's other interests include philanthropy, directing, cinematography, photography and editing.