Listen to Ava play ​Eine Klein Nachtmusik on the viola with a string quartet in Nickelodeon's The Troop ​below.
Watch the seasoned performers on the ALDC's junior elite team dance to Ava's original song ​​Finding Hope on the Season 7 Finale of Lifetime's Dance Moms ​above.
Check out three of Ava's original singles.
From left to right: Skin & Bones; Finding Hope; Civil War.

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The Fallacy of the Fist

In February of 2017, Ava was fortunate enough to be part of UBC's Sinophone Play Reading Series in the staged reading of ​The Fallacy of the Fist. Set during China’s Boxer Rebellion of 1900, the play tells the story of the siege at Xishiku Church where the absurdity of war has trapped both the besieged and the besiegers. Ava and her four co-stars played narrators who transformed into various characters as the story progressed. This staged reading was directed by the incredible Anna Holman.

The Art of Hope

In April 2016, Ava starred in Handsworth Secondary School's original musical The Art of Hope, which was inspired by the recent refugee crisis. It is a love story that centres around a male artist, an ex-girlfriend with a secret, and their break up. The artist (Nate) creates a provocative art piece in a park which impacts his relationship with his ex-girlfriend (Hope), and affects the surrounding community and the lives of the people who pass through the park. Through dance, songs, and dramatic and comedic scenes, the play explores the themes of loss and, more importantly, hope in a complex world full of massive social changes. The play aims to both entertain and induce reflection amongst audience members. It was co-directed by Dr. David Beare, Ms. Tracey Lloyd, Ms. Elizabeth Isabelle, Ms. Carol Adamson and Drew Ogle.

The Art of Hope is consistently named as one of Ava's favourite productions. She not only had the pleasure of playing Hope, a character whom she connected to immensely, but she was also a principal writer for the play, the script's student editor and an assistant director for one of the opening scenes. Ava cites her experience as a performer in this play as a major turning point in her music theatre career. She is grateful for the work of the directors and the drama community and credits them for helping her blossom as a performer.
In her spare time, Ava loves writing, directing and editing videos of her own under the pseudonym of her production company Electra Studios. Check out her music video for Florence & the Machine's Seven Devils above!
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